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Imam Zaid Shakir

American University (B.A.), Rutgers University (M.A.) Imam Zaid Shakir born Ricky Daryl Mitchell, May 24, 1956) is a Muslim American scholar and co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. He teaches courses on Arabic, law, history, and Islamic spirituality.

Jae Deen (Josh Asare)

Former Muslim Him Hop Group known as Deen Squad that has reached over 100 Million Views.  Jae Deen converted to Islam when he was 15 year old, originally from Gana, He has recently learned arabic and wrote the entire Quran in Arabic in 6 months without any help and is now a fluent arabic speaker. And he shares his story with you. 

Dr. Yamen Ghamian

A Successful Muslim Local Entrepreneur leading a Dental Clinic with the most amount positive reviews on Google in his city. Dr. Yamen is an example to all of us on how to lead our lives and businesses with excellence and Islamic values in order to maximize the baraka and blessings. He shares 3 videos with step by step instructions.

Anas Kadri

Anas left Canada when he was a teenager to start a business in Saudi Arabia. Later, Allah has blessed him to be the company that was granted the contract to build part of the new train stations that now transport muslims from around the world between Mecca and Madina. He says the secret to his success is bir-al-walidayn. Obedience to parents, and how to do it even when difficult, for blessings in your life and business. 

Faheem Malam

Hafiz at 10 years old, and leading Taraweeh at mosques since the age of 14, Faheem recites a few verses for us from the Quran with his beautiful voice Mash'Allah and shares with us the messages, translated and explained, for the month of Ramadan

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